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Katie's latest project: a tribute band launches tomorrow, plus other news.

Hey lovelies.

Yes, it has been an awfully looooooog time since I've posted, and since becoming a mum, updating my website has had to take a backward step, however I've got some exciting news to announce.

First of all, I did allude to the fact last time that I was in the process of organising a tribute band, however I have had to put those plans aside, and with that, I have joined another tribute band which is called "Touch": a tribute to the Australian 80s rock band, Noiseworks. For the last 3 months, I have been rehearsing with these guys and they sound absolutely amazing, probably the most professional band I have ever worked with. I will be singing backing vocals as well as leading a few 80s covers from the likes of the Divinyls, Heart, Baby Animals and the Eurythmics. The band consists of Andrew Watts on guitar, Michael Emmerling on bass, Simon Rhodes on keys, Wayne Vandenberg on drums and Craig Sternberg on lead vocals. We have our debut performance tomorrow at Musicland in Fawkner. We will be on stage at 8:30 and the doors will be open at 7:30, so unless you want to stay at home and isolate yourself due to the Coronavirus (which probably doesn't sound like a bad idea), we would love to see you.

Some other news in the mix, I have embarked on a solo singing career as I have been playing keyboard (very basic) and singing at the same time. I've had a few gigs so far and the response has been very positive. As for the Peripheral Figures, we have taken a bit of a break and I wish Monique all the best in her musical journey while Nathaniel is happy to play dad and sit in the sidelines supporting his wife :)

Also, with teaching, my door is still open for students who are interested in singing. All I ask is that students practise sensible hygiene and use hand sanitiser as soon as they enter the studio and I will be spraying the room with Glen 20 after each student has finished their lesson. So rest assured, business is still open and I will be taking every drastic action to ensure my students (as well as my family and myself) are safe. If you are sick or not feeling well, then I strongly suggest you postpone your lesson, otherwise stay safe and healthy xx

Lastly, but certainly not the least, Nathaniel, Jasmijn and I want to announce some other exciting news. We are expecting our second child in late August, which probably explains my long absence. Look after yourself everyone, and I promise to send your regular monthly updates (or close to that)love Katie xx

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