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2023 - the year of the gigging artist (so far)

I can't believe we are in May already! It seemed like it was only yesterday when I was sitting in my dressing gown brainstorming goals while we were staying in a lavish apartment in Ballarat after doing a NYE gig with the Treblettes. Goes to show that time flies when having fun.

I feel as though 2023 has been the year where I have embraced the music industry head on to say the least (let me bring you up to speed). In January, one of our regulars left the Treblettes, and I had to step up and take on more gigs (which I am not complaining). As well as that, I took on another job doing 1 hour shows for nursing homes, performing a range of songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s (and now the 70s which I am now in the process of researching) and it has been so heartwarming to see the range of residents smiling and singing along, one in particular started crying when I was singing "Tennessee Waltz", which I hope was a good cry).

Since joining the Treblettes, other opportunities have opened up. I have been rehearsing material as a backing vocalist for an upcoming tribute show on two musical legends: Tom Jones and Neil Diamond. I've had a few rehearsals with the band, and they are sounding amazing, and we have a free event, where we will be filming for a promo video that the manager will be sending off to various venues and agencies, at Musicland (details on "Dates" page). Entry is free so I would love it if you could come along and see the calibre of talent we have been working on.

As well as this, I have also been filling in for a band called "The Rockin Tones" who are a classic rock 'n roll live band performing hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I've had my first gig with them in Albury last month, and I am excited to be performing with them at Club Kilsyth and the Healesville Hotel later this month (see "Dates" for more information).

In terms of teaching, I have just finished my one year teaching contract at my local school where I have been filling in for a teacher who has just come back from her maternity leave, and instead of continuing on with extended teaching contracts, I have decided to focus on making 2023 the year where I can focus more on being a fully paid gigging artist. I still teach one on one singing lessons through the Andrea Marr Music School, and I still run the student showcases that we offer to our students every year (this May's showcase, I will be doing a performance tribute on Goth/rock band, Evanescence and Amy Lee - whose voice I emulate the best - check details on "Dates" page)

This transition to being a gigging artist has not been easy, especially with someone like me who always doubts herself and wonders whether she deserves a chance to follow her dreams. I am just so blessed to have a supportive husband, an encouraging singing teacher and wonderful friends and family who try to support me in any way they can - which makes my journey all the more achievable. My goal for 2023 is to perform 100 paid gigs (I've just had a look at my planner and I have 58 booked so far, (incl the ones I've already done) and although the goal may seem unattainable, I am still determined to give it all that I have.

Thankyou for your support, whether it is coming to my gigs, listening to my music or even simply reading this post. I will try to post more regularly, now that I have more time to work on my art, otherwise you can always follow my posts on Facebook and Insta (I haven't worked out Tik Tok yet).

Love and music

Katie xx


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