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New single to be released soon

Hey guys. Sorry for the long hiatus, but there have been a lot of things going on.

Firstly, on a personal level, I'm excited to announce that Nathaniel and I are expecting our first baby in October, which I'm really thrilled about. The last 4 months have been an interesting experience to say the least with the nausea, fatigue and interesting cravings (not too much morning sickness thankfully) however we'll certainly keep you guys up to date with the latest news.

Secondly, I've been working with Melodic Music since the start of the year and we've got a new single coming up. It's a reworking of my previous single "Radio Radio" that I released in 2016 however this version sounds completely different to the original. My band and I are currently rehearsing it and we hope to perform the new version at the next Melodic Music event which is Sunday 20th May from 4pm-10pm (we'll be on at 7pm) at the Rooftop on 171 Greville st, Prahran. Entry fee is only $5 which is a pretty good deal.

Details regarding the release date for my single will be out in the coming weeks.

Look after each other and I'll speak to you soon xx

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