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Highlights from The Mr Boogie Man Bar 23/3/17

Hi guys. sorry it has taken me soooo long to write an update. My publicity and marketing skills are not my biggest strength.

Our last gig at the Mr Boogie Man Bar went very well considering Nathaniel (my hubby) and I had only been back from our overseas holiday for a week and it was on a Thursday night. We had a crowd of 14 people which mainly consisted of close friends and family (the kind of people who will always have your back) and we added two new covers to our set: Total Control by the Motels and Black Velvet by Alannah Myles.

Our other special guests were Rosie Haden who opened the show with her velvety vocals and moving songs and then finished with Blue Howl who enthralled us with their indie-folk sound.

I also would like to thank Jax Peters who offered us the gig and it is a shame that the venue closed two weeks after our gig. We will always have fond memories there and I will never forget their generosity and willingness to provide exceptional service.

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