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What Katie did next? Musical writing and articles.

We are slowly getting out of lockdown. Woot! Woot! Hopefully the music venues will start opening soon and musicians can start making a living again!

While I've been in lockdown, I've been trying my best to stay as productive as possible. I actually started writing some songs for an up and coming new musical inspired by experiences while in lockdown. It's simply titled "The Isolation Project" and so far I have written 4 songs which I'm super proud. It's not easy working on your music when you have two little kids, however whenever I put the kids down for their afternoon nap, I head straight for my hubby's man cave, strap myself to the beast (keyboard) and work on my music. Hopefully towards mid 2022, I will have this musical finished and will either get that or "Betty B. Different" workshopped and ready for performance.

Secondly, as I have been toiling working on finishing my music course, I have had to write some articles as part of my assessment, and I am planning of creating a section on my website where I will be posting music articles on anything related to music. It can be anything: interviews, reviews, or just general topics that crop up on the music scene. This is just a new avenue I am trying out so if you are interested in me reviewing a show, a song, an album or do an interview, let me know. Would love to showcase your work on my website.

That's it for now. Once the gigs start rolling again, I will have more to chat about.

take care. luv Katie xx


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