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2021, time to showcase yourself!

Hey guys.

Sorry for the half finished post in my last blog. Having two children under the age of 3 is no easy feat!

Things have been going fairly steadily since the start of the year, although I wish things would be going a lot faster, but I have to accept that once you factor in babies into your already busy schedule, you find that it's going to take a bit longer to do things properly.

With that said, it's student showcase season again, and we have showcase starting tomorrow at our old stomping ground, the Mr Boogie Man Bar starting at 2pm and we have 5 amazing acts (incl myself) gracing the stage and I will be doing my usual emceeing as well as helping behind the scenes and performing my own set. I will be performing my latest original that I will be planning on recording very soon, titled "Head above Water" and I wrote it while I was in lockdown last year (I think you get the idea what the song means). The show will start at 2pm and entry fee is only $10.

Secondly, things are going well with The Tribute band, Touch. We had our first gig for 2021 in March at the Central Club Hotel in Richmond, and although we played to a small audience (people are still hesitant to go out after COVID) we still had a ball. Our next big will be on Saturday 19th June at Musicland in Fawkner and another one later in July. All of the details will be on the "Performance Dates" link.

Lastly, I'm back teaching again, so if you are interested in getting lessons (or if know someone who wants lessons) please get in touch.

Take care guys and keep chasing your dreams.

Katie xx


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