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Showcases, musicals, teaching and a possible tribute band in the mix

Well 2019 is proving to be a busy year with lots of possibilities along the way. First of all, we have our next student showcase coming up where I will be performing as well as hosting. We have 8 acts performing on Sunday 30th June and you only have to pay $10 at the door. Also, if anyone comes in and says they're here to see Katie Visser and the Peripheral Figures, then they get a free CD single of my latest song "The Wall" (everyone loves a freebie).

Secondly, I am now at the final stages of finishing my musical (yes, I am writing a musical). At this stage, I'm not prepared to reveal the storyline, however let's just say that it's a musical that explores issues such as social media, the cult of celebrity and there's even going to be a "Metoo" moment where we also examine issues relating to sexual harassment. I only have a few more songs to go, and then once the script is finished, then I can go back and refine the music.

I am also enjoying teaching singing and I still have places available, so if you are interested and you consider yourself a beginner, then feel free to get in touch.

lastly, I am also excited to announce that I am in the early stages of form

ing a tribute band, and let's just say, it's an artist that I totally admire and who constantly inspires me. I will leave that for you to ponder until further developments have been announced.

That's all for me. Stay turned and try to stay warm this winter.

luv Katie xx

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