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Carols, face painting and Launches - here's the season to be jolly.

Happy holidays everyone (or just about). It's been a rather hectic past couple of months, and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

First of all, I've got some rather sad, but also exciting news. It's come to the point now that I've had to take some giant steps of faith to help follow my deam, and one of them was saying goodbye to my time at Flinders Christian Community College, my home of service for nearly 11 years. It's been bittersweet to close this chapter in my life where I have enjoyed serving as a teacher, yet a new exciting season is about to dawn, one where I can hopefully invest more in my music, cabaret, theatre, songwriting and most of all, making people happy.

The next announcement is I have been back in the recording studio working on a few single which I am really proud about. It's called "Flicker" and I've got the amazing Markia producing my track as well as featuring Monique (my guitarist) adding in some guitar sounds. I will. be launching it at the Andrea Marr Music School end of year showcase on Sunday 10th December (see performance dates page). Tickets are $15 but you get to see 30 of Melbourne's new and upcoming musical talent.

The last gig for the Peripheral Figures will be on the same day as the showcase, as part of Music Mamas, a family friendly music initiative where people can bring their kids along to a gig and not worry about hiring a babysitter or subjecting their children to any offensive lyrics. There will also be face painting available as well for the kiddies (and maybe for the adults as well) so if you're stuck at home with the kids and you want to go somewhere, then I strongly recommend you come along. All of the details are on the performance dates pages and on the poster below.

The last announcement is I will be performing with Urban Praise again as part of the Christmas cheer and we have two events coming up. The first is we are performing as part of the Knox City Council, featuring headline acts including Miss Murphy (the Voice Finalist) and the Royal Australian Navy Band on Saturday 2nd December from 4pm onwards, and the next day, we will be performing at the Winepress Church (my church) in Berwick (times TBC), and both events are free! Now there's a word you want to hear in this silly season ;)

If I don't send another update again, I wanna wish you all a very Merry Christmas, stay safe and make sure you spend time with your friends and loved ones.

Blessings, Luv Katie xx

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