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Katie Visser and the Peripheral Figures to perform from Belgrave to Brunswick

Now that Katie's 80s has been put on the shelf for the time being, I'm happy to say that I'm back to doing some gigs with my acoustic trio, and boy have we got some exciting gigs lined up. The first one is not very way; this Friday to be exact at Bell Tavern in Belgrave from 9pm to midnight, and our very own guitarist, Monique Kenny, will be performing her own solo set from 11-11:45pm. The next one is at the famous Brunswick Hotel on Sunday 22nd October from 4-7pm, featuring Kat O (from the Kat O Army) and entry is free. Would love to see you at either one of these gigs. I've also got some other exciting news to announce, but all that will be revealed in due course. But for now, keep rockin' on!

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